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The Butler Difference

Butler Buildings - Dependable. Strong. Sturdy.

Why Kiesland is proud to be a Butler Builder

Kiesland has been affiliated with Butler ManufacturingTM for over 20 years.  Butler represents a major component of the Kiesland advantage; one that has consistently  enabled us to provide reliable building systems, unique solutions and technological expertise to our customers.

So what’s the big deal about Butler?

First Baptist Covington - a Butler Building by Kiesland

Over the years Kiesland has worked with a variety of pre-engineered building manufacturers.  Our experience has been that overall, Butler has a superior product,  offers the greatest variety of product options and is backed by the best warranty in the business.

As the business world has evolved in recent years, customer demands for efficiency, sustainability, safety and longevity have steadily increased.  Butler has been consistently “ahead of the curve”, providing solutions and new product offerings that anticipate change and set new standards for performance.  In short, Butler has added tremendous value to our business and allowed us to offer unique and cost effective solutions to our customers.




The MR-24® Roof System is the “Rock Star” of Roofs  Butler System Roof

Not unlike one of our favorite bands, The Rolling Stones, the MR-24® standing seam roof system just keeps rockin and rolling!  Like the Stones, the MR-24® system was developed in the early 70’s and survives largely unchanged to this day.  Although it’s warrantied for (only!)  25 years, we believe the roof system can last far longer.  Anecdotal evidence from our customers suggests a 40+ year lifespan is not an uncommon occurrance.  When we build for our portfolio, the MR-24 roof system is a must.  More information and detailed specs can be viewed at

Isn’t Butler more expensive?

Yes, it is typically more than a “brand x” building.  If initial low cost is the main criteria for selecting a building system, Butler probably will not be low bid.  The Butler system is simply better engineered and made to a different standard than most, the result of that is increased  cost for the system.  Think BMW vs. VW.  However when life cycle cost, quality and longevity are factored in it becomes a more interesting discussion of value vs low bid.

Product Details – for more information on the many, many details that are UNIQUE to Butler, check out

Butler BuildingR&D support – Butler is one of very few manufacturers who maintain an active R&D center.  The center is located in Kansas City, MO and is charged with identifying and development of new products through applied research.  Butler’s R&D center has been at the forefront of new product development with many recent examples in the area of building energy efficiency. More information at

Sustainability – Butler makes green, sustainable building affordable.  For more information on the many ways that Butler encourages sustainability, check out

How Can We Put Butler to Work for You?

For more information on Butler and how Kiesland/Butler can add value to your project, please contact us.  We are always delighted to discuss your specific needs in more detail and are also available to provide  more formal product presentations for your staff that are AIA accredited.

Courthouse Weight - A Butler BuildingKiesland Development Services

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