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If you’re in the market for a customized building solution in Southwest Ohio, Dayton, Northern Kentucky and Indiana that supports your business needs, we’re your team.

Communication and innovation go hand in hand. You may know you need a new building. You may have ideas on how you want it to function. But when we get together, we’ll help you look into the future and begin to anticipate your needs. Together, we’ll make sure you wind up with a building that will work for you now and down the road. By combining what you know and what we know in a real collaboration, we’ll arrive at the building design that’s best for your company. We can give you examples of how real collaboration has done just that, for dozens of companies throughout the region.

Pre-Construction Services

Kiesland’s pre-construction services include value-added services that serve our clients’ needs by identifying budget constraints and constructability issues. Our team will work in cooperation with our clients and design professionals in the planning stages of the project to establish objectives that will reduce construction time, realize cost savings, and minimize changes that will affect both time and budget.

Problems with construction start long before the plans are even developed. They start at the very beginning of the process. Problems arise from of a lack of understanding. Your construction company has to understand what you expect of them, and you have to understand how the building process works. It’s about frank, open and honest conversation. Up front. Straight forward. It’s all about communication. Though that sounds so obvious you wouldn’t even think we’d have to mention it, we have to. Communication is a skill, just like pouring a foundation, and some people are just better at it than others. If you’ve had problems in the past, we’re willing to bet they started with bad communication. We take a great deal of pride in our communications skills.


From conception to completion Kiesland brings value-added services to our clients. Our design/build process not only engages our staff of design and construction professionals but also engages our clients to ensure clear expectations are fulfilled. By establishing a team of both client and construction professionals we develop a partnering relationship to plan, design and construct the highest quality project.

Our focus is on efficiency, both in the finished product as well as in the process. So, while the final drawings are being completed, steps such as cost projections, engineering, construction work surveys and permitting occur simultaneously. Fast-track negotiations with subcontractors and suppliers mean competitive pricing, ready to go when the permitting is complete. By eliminating the time-consuming process of waiting for one phase to end before another can begin, our efficient design/build model keeps the project moving forward.

Our team approach is the foundation of a successful design/build endeavor. Our team of project manager, subcontractors, and field team – with the client as a partner – is in contact regularly. These open lines of communication prevent delays, mistakes and cost overruns and ensure a quality project delivered on time and within budget, while maintaining a client’s high standards.

Since we asked you all the right questions up front and set realistic expectations from day one, we’re able to avoid your greatest fears and aggravations: change orders and cost overruns. Can there be “unforseens” that throw a wrench in the works? Sure. So, we all need to be flexible enough to adjust to different circumstances. And we are. But the “wrenches” can be minimized by thorough communication throughout the process.

We use the latest technologies, techniques and materials to make sure your new building is eco-friendly, economical to operate and functional beyond your expectations.

We have a long history as an owner/developer of buildings. We bring that real estate expertise and background to your project so that your investment is well thought out and optimized from a market perspective.

Construction Management

As a general contractor, Kiesland delivers unsurpassed leadership in both Project Management and Field Operations. Communication will be the key to success in delivering our projects. We utilize electronic project management to keep our teams informed and up to date. Our Field Operations include on site management, daily quality review and a safety culture that includes project orientation and project safety awareness.

General Contracting

As a general contractor, Kiesland delivers unsurpassed leadership in both Project Management and Field Operations. Communication will be the key to success in delivering our projects. Kiesland utilizes electronic project management to keep our teams informed and up to date. Our Field Operations include on site management, daily quality review and a safety culture that includes project orientation and project safety awareness.

If there is already an architect and/or engineering firm in place on a project, we will work with them to provide specialized construction services to facilitate a more cost-effective and on-time project.


By turning to Kiesland for property acquisition and development, clients benefit from our single-source, integrated approach. Handling the many aspects of the project, we bring efficiency to all elements – efficiencies that translate to a savings of time and money.

Our development services include:

  • Feasibility
  • Site Selection
  • Land Acquisition
  • Landowner Joint Ventures
  • Leasing
  • Re-Developments/Alternate Use
  • Building or Site Renovations
  • Property and Facility Management
  • Design and Construction

Building Services

Not all our jobs begin from the ground up. We also offer the same expertise to improve or add to your existing facilities. Not sure of the scope of your project? Do you know all the trades involved? Are there code or design issues at hand? Let our experience and comprehensive team of professionals handle all the coordination for your project. Take advantage of our in-house staff of design, management and skilled tradesmen.

  • Remodeling and Renovation Butler System Roof
  • Facility Upgrades
  • Building/Facility Maintenance
  • Plant Retrofit/Process Upgrades
  • Office Facelift/ADA Upgrades
  • Pre-Engineered Building Retrofit/Maintenance
  • Drainage/Pavement Improvements
  • Loading Dock Improvements
  • Equipment Foundations

Tenant Improvement

Tenant Improvement (TI) or Lease Improvements, are the customized alterations of a building to configure the space for the needs of a tenant. Sometimes tenants need walled offices, a break room or kitchen, an additional bathroom, conference rooms, drop ceilings and painting, to name a few.

Available Sites

Available Site, BUILD to SUIT/LEASE
Prime West Chester Site Available
Kiesland Business Park

What our Clients are Saying

Skilled team of construction professionals

"We are very fortunate to be working with such a skilled team of construction professionals. Whoever thinks that you can't get things built well, built quickly, and built affordably needs to connect with Kiesland Development Services!"

Dr. Jeffry Bill, MD, FASAM: Founder, CEO
Sunrise Treatment Center

Proud to be a Butler Builder

Kiesland has been affiliated with Butler Manufacturing for over 20 years. Butler has consistently enabled us to provide reliable building systems, unique solutions and technological expertise to our customers.

Over the years Kiesland has worked with a variety of pre-engineered building manufacturers. Our experience has been that overall, Butler has a superior product, offers the greatest variety of product options and is backed by the best warranty in the business.

As the business world has evolved in recent years, customer demands for efficiency, sustainability, safety, and longevity have steadily increased. Butler has been consistently “ahead of the curve”, providing solutions and new product offerings that anticipate change and set new standards for performance. In short, Butler has added tremendous value to our business and allowed us to offer unique and cost-effective solutions to our customers.

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