Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine


Cincinnati, Ohio

Square Footage: 7,000 sf

Design: MSA Architects, Design Details Interiors Group.

Status: Completed.

Construction Type: Beacon’s corporate headquarters, “Summit Woods” needed to be realigned to provide space for new doctors and new x- ray technology.

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Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine (Beacon) was founded in 1996 as a multi-physician practice providing orthopedic care to the Cincinnati community. The practice has since grown into a nationally known and respected provider of sports medicine and orthopedic care with 20+ locations, 60+ expert physicians and healthcare providers in the Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana area.

Beacon’s goal is to give every patient comprehensive and efficient care all under one roof. With the explosive growth the organization has experienced, the physicians not only needed to provide an amazing patient experience, but also manage their real estate footprint, both with expansion and realignment of existing spaces.

One such project was the realignment of their corporate headquarters in Sharonville, Ohio, also known as “Summit Woods.” Patients were receiving clinic care, imaging services, orthopedic surgery, physical therapy, personalized athletic services, and more. Summit Woods also offered urgent care and an ambulatory surgery center with operating rooms and overnight recovery suites. The space needed to be realigned to support the growth.

Beacon had worked with design partners for several previous projects, so they turned again to MSA Architects, and interior design firm, Design Details Interiors Group. This time, they chose Kiesland Development Services (Kiesland) to manage construction of the project.


  • Maintaining consistency with Beacon’s established facility environment that integrates architectural elements and furniture within the interior space for an effective and cohesive design.
  • New x-ray technology to meet growing practice needs
  • Realigned offices into physician pods with exam rooms
  • New nurses’ station
  • Renovated and painted the offices


Aggressive time schedule and critical milestones
  • Developed an efficient construction schedule totaling five-months managed in three phases.
  • Phase 1 (3 months): Remodeling the office area to pods for doctors who had already been hired and needed to start seeing patients on the planned open date. The pods consisted of exam rooms with an x-ray room and a nurses’ station.
  • Phase 2 (3 weeks): This phase was a facelift of an existing pod. The pod was refloored and painted, and another x-ray room was created from an old storage room. Everything was brought up to the Beacon standard.
  • Phase 3 (1 month): Final pod renovation for an existing doctor, Dr. Peter Cha, who was seeing patients. A longer, bigger nurses’ station was created, and everything was brought up to the Beacon standard.
Patients were coming to the practice for appointments
  • Added a temporary wall to separate the construction work from the patient’s waiting area.
  • Completed some tasks in the evening and on weekends to reduce noise during doctors’ hours.
Unforeseen change found during construction
  • Collaborated with the architect to remove a metal beam that was found in the midst of construction, restabilized the structure.
Managing construction during the COVID-19 shut-down
  • After much anticipation, the governor announced that construction would be deemed essential work under COVID-19 restrictions. The team met immediately after this and decided to continue their work.
  • The process was made easier because it allowed for more time to work freely without obstacles.