Kiesland Profile

A better experience

“Man, I hate contractors!”
Whether it’s in your personal life or your professional life you may have heard this before – maybe you’ve even said it yourself. For some of you, past experiences with a construction company may have ranked right up there with getting a root canal.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. And at Kiesland, it isn’t.

We know that the difference between a positive, exciting building experience, and one of the root canal variety is simple.

Smarter Communication

Well, that makes sense
Problems with construction start long before the plans are even developed. They start at the very beginning of the process. Problems arise from of a lack of understanding. Your construction company has to understand what you expect of them, and you have to understand how the building process works. It’s about frank, open and honest conversation. Up front. Straight forward. It’s all about communication. Though that sounds so obvious you wouldn’t even think we’d have to mention it, we have to. Communication is a skill, just like pouring a foundation, and some people are just better at it than others. If you’ve had problems in the past, we’re willing to bet they started with bad communication. We take a great deal of pride in our communications skills.

Smarter Collaboration

So, you really think you’re smarter?
Yes, we do. We’re smarter communicators and we apply our experience in smarter ways. Communication and innovation go hand in hand. You may know you need a new building. You may have ideas on how you want it to function. But when we get together, we’ll help you look into the future and begin to anticipate your needs. Together, we’ll make sure you wind up with a building that will work for you now and down the road. By combining what you know and what we know in a real collaboration, we’ll arrive at the building design that’s best for your company. We can give you examples of how real collaboration has done just that, for dozens of companies throughout the region. And we’d love the opportunity to share them with you.

What’s Smarter Building?

What does that mean to me?
First of all, the way we build is smart. Since we asked you all the right questions up front and set realistic expectations from day one, we’re able to avoid your greatest fears and aggravations: change orders and cost overruns. Can there be “unforseens” that throw a wrench in the works? Sure. So, we all need to be flexible enough to adjust to different circumstances. And we are. But the “wrenches” can be minimized by thorough communication throughout the process.

Second, what we build is smart. We use the latest technologies, techniques and materials to make sure your new building is eco-friendly, economical to operate and functional beyond your expectations.

Third, how/where we build is smart. We have a long history as an owner/developer of buildings. We bring that real estate expertise and background to your project so that your investment is well thought out and optimized from a market perspective.

Are We a Good Fit for You?

So, is Kiesland right for me?
Let’s be honest (something we’re big fans of). If you need a new school, a government building or a new airport, we’re not your guys. Call the big builders who specialize in those big, institutional solutions. But, if you’re in the market for a customized building solution that supports your business needs, we’re your guys. You’ll get innovative thinking, and incomparable communication start to finish. You’ll get a nimble partner to work with you to build the smartest possible building for you and your business. You’ll get the most bang for your buck. You’ll get smarter thinking, and smarter building. And isn’t that what you really want?