We appreciate all input from our customers, vendors and employees. We encourage anyone considering doing business with Kiesland Development Services to check us out and ask questions. For this reason we feature a number of recent projects and customers on the website. Hopefully you will recognize a few of our past clients; feel free to reach out to ask how we did on their project. Following are several specific testimonials that we are particularly proud of:

I have a team looking out for my best interest

... I am very selective in the vendors I choose to service my company. The fact that we made the choice time after time over an 18 year period, speaks for itself in the confidence of quality and comfort knowing that I have a team looking out for my best interest."

Cheryl Kolb, Co-Founder

Quantum Metals, Inc., Lebanon, Ohio

I needed Kiesland's expertise in thinking outside the box

"Since CF sells industrial fasteners, we have plenty of contractors that we work with on a regular basis, that would have been able to bid our project. However, when I met Rich and Andy, I knew that Kiesland was going to be our GC of choice. Obviously, we were on a budget, so I needed Kiesland's expertise in thinking outside the box. It's always difficult retrofitting an existing structure, but Kiesland truly came through with a quality product. The warehouse space looks like it was designed from the ground up, to handle CF's operation. In the end, the finished product was completed on time and on budget. Thanks to Kiesland's experience and knowledge and everyone that helped on this project, as it's already made CF operationally more efficient."

John Huetcher, President

Cincinnati Fastener, Cincinnati, Ohio

Skilled team of construction professionals

"We are very fortunate to be working with such a skilled team of construction professionals. Whoever thinks that you can't get things built well, built quickly, and built affordably needs to connect with Kiesland Development Services!"

Dr. Jeffry Bill, MD, FASAM: Founder, CEO

Sunrise Treatment Center