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LTU and Parjana create green parking lot with integrated technology

SOUTHFIELD, MI.  Parjana Distribution has partnered with Lawrence Technological University to install a unique storm water management system.  The system will provide filtration and volume control for a large section of parking lot at the school.  The system combines EGRP technology, Haydite (granular filtration) and Xeripave (pervious pavers) to create a sustainable solution for storm water management at the site.

Why is this significant?  This system adds a filtration element to storm water runoff.  Filtration refers to cleansing the run-off of sediment, road salts and other impurities that eventually pollute rivers and streams.  This can be expensive and difficult to achieve when dealing with large volumes of water that would typify a parking lot or roadway.  The Parjana system accomplishes this without utilizing expensive/unreliable pumps or filters; instead harnessing the natural filtration properties of the soil.

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