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Commercial Drones in Construction

Loveland/Symmes Township, Ohio.  Local 12 WKRC-TV recently visited the Grand Sands All-season Volley Ball Center, an active Kiesland building expansion site to learn more about the use of drones in construction.  Kiesland recently teamed with Measure DRONE AS A SERVICE® to provide drone services to our clients and partners.  Local franchisees Joel Lundeen and Carrie Seddon appeared on the Channel 12 segment to demonstrate and explain more about this service.

MEASURE is a national drone service company that offers a suite of drone service solutions paired with the latest technology for utilizing the data.  In our industry, key applications include:

  • Pre-construction – aerial views of existing conditions
  • Project documentation – aerial progress reports
  • Volumetric solutions – provide aerial topography in ACAD friendly format
  • Inspection solutions – detect damage or defects in existing structures such as buildings, bridges and other infrastructure.

Kiesland has been using this technology on select projects to enhance customer experience, ensure quality assurance and to evaluate new sites for development.  We have been impressed with the high resolution and quick turnaround on data/images. (You can view some of the image files from this project here) We look forward to expanding our use of this service as we learn more about the technology.  More information is available at

David Weist

New Talent!

David Weist joined Kiesland recently as a Senior Project Manager.  He brings over 20 years of diverse experience in the construction industry, having been a part of construction teams working in Orlando, Jacksonville, Palm Coast, Asheville, Washington D.C., Louisville, Dayton and Cincinnati. David has experience with single family homes, multi-family communities, resorts, theme parks and commercial/industrial projects. Previous employers include Centex, Heartland Steel, ValleyCrest Companies and most recently, Hills Developers, Inc. of Cincinnati.

David is life-long rock fan and musician, playing drums with a variety of local bands for many years and has even opened for national rock acts. He is an avid home brewer with several tasty recipes and a supporter of youth rugby, soccer and basketball. David lives in Anderson Township with wife Pam and their son and daughter.

We kinda knew this already…..

But it’s great to see outsiders agree. Great article summarizing the unique blend of growth and existing business energy we’re experiencing of late in the Greater Cincinnati MSA.  Kudos to REDI Cincinnati and all of the state and local governmental entities that work with us every day to improve our communities and make growth a reality.

What’s all the buzz about VRF?

By Tyler Richeson

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), has been the go to HVAC system in most other parts of the world for quite some time. Recently in the last decade, VRF technology has become more widely accepted here in the United States for several reasons.

Increased Comfort

VRF systems have several individual indoor units (varying in size and design to suit any need) that can be operated by one outdoor unit. Each indoor unit can be individually controlled allowing each space to be operating independently from other spaces in the building. The best part is that one space can be operating in heat while another space is operating in cooling simultaneously, making it ideal for environments with specific comfort needs.

Lower Cost of Installation & Impact to Building

This type of system is optimal for renovation and retrofit projects, when the traditional HVAC system can be very costly and have a negative impact to overall look of the building structure. This ductless system with small line sets allows for a more flexible installation and lower visual impact to the building.

Savings Potential

Due to the ability to share heat loads throughout the building these systems can decrease the energy consumption from a traditional HVAC system, while at the same time increasing comfort. In addition, the labor costs to install this type of system are greatly reduced due to eliminating the usual large ductwork and minimizing the size of penetrations.

For more information regarding VRF please contact your Kiesland representative and check out the following case study:

Comfort issues with your office space? Air balance may be the solution

By: Tyler Richeson

Have you ever been faced with solving office comfort issues? One of the most frequent complaints among employees is comfort in the office. Think about it…Over the years how many maintenance personnel have made tweaks or blocked off diffusers completely due to complaints? It may not be an issue with your current system rather that the system is no longer operating according to its original design. Whether its temperature related or lack/excess of air flow this problem can usually be remedied with a certified air balance.

An independent certified air balance is performed by a company or individual that is usually not affiliated with any mechanical contractor and possess a certification from one of the following agencies: NEBB (National Environmental Balancing Bureau), TABB (Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing Bureau), or NCI (National Comfort Institute, Inc.). The air balancing company will adjust economizers, belts, and dampers to make sure the adequate air flow is reaching the proper diffusers in the space. They will not fix problems with equipment or install dampers if they are not present, but will report and note anything that needs to be addressed. We find it best to have the mechanical contractor onsite while the air balance is happening, so they can eliminate any issues that would keep the air balance from being completed while they are onsite.

For more information regarding air balancing or comfort issues please contact your Kiesland representative.

More information is available at

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Commercial Drones in Construction

Loveland/Symmes Township, Ohio.  Local 12 WKRC-TV recently visited the Grand Sands All-season Volley Ball Center, an active … Read More...

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