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We kinda knew this already…..

But it’s great to see outsiders agree. Great article summarizing the unique blend of growth and existing business energy we’re experiencing of late in the Greater Cincinnati MSA.  Kudos to REDI Cincinnati and all of the state and local governmental entities that work with us every day to improve our communities and make growth a reality.

What’s all the buzz about VRF?

By Tyler Richeson

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), has been the go to HVAC system in most other parts of the world for quite some time. Recently in the last decade, VRF technology has become more widely accepted here in the United States for several reasons.

Increased Comfort

VRF systems have several individual indoor units (varying in size and design to suit any need) that can be operated by one outdoor unit. Each indoor unit can be individually controlled allowing each space to be operating independently from other spaces in the building. The best part is that one space can be operating in heat while another space is operating in cooling simultaneously, making it ideal for environments with specific comfort needs.

Lower Cost of Installation & Impact to Building

This type of system is optimal for renovation and retrofit projects, when the traditional HVAC system can be very costly and have a negative impact to overall look of the building structure. This ductless system with small line sets allows for a more flexible installation and lower visual impact to the building.

Savings Potential

Due to the ability to share heat loads throughout the building these systems can decrease the energy consumption from a traditional HVAC system, while at the same time increasing comfort. In addition, the labor costs to install this type of system are greatly reduced due to eliminating the usual large ductwork and minimizing the size of penetrations.

For more information regarding VRF please contact your Kiesland representative and check out the following case study:

Comfort issues with your office space? Air balance may be the solution

By: Tyler Richeson

Have you ever been faced with solving office comfort issues? One of the most frequent complaints among employees is comfort in the office. Think about it…Over the years how many maintenance personnel have made tweaks or blocked off diffusers completely due to complaints? It may not be an issue with your current system rather that the system is no longer operating according to its original design. Whether its temperature related or lack/excess of air flow this problem can usually be remedied with a certified air balance.

An independent certified air balance is performed by a company or individual that is usually not affiliated with any mechanical contractor and possess a certification from one of the following agencies: NEBB (National Environmental Balancing Bureau), TABB (Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing Bureau), or NCI (National Comfort Institute, Inc.). The air balancing company will adjust economizers, belts, and dampers to make sure the adequate air flow is reaching the proper diffusers in the space. They will not fix problems with equipment or install dampers if they are not present, but will report and note anything that needs to be addressed. We find it best to have the mechanical contractor onsite while the air balance is happening, so they can eliminate any issues that would keep the air balance from being completed while they are onsite.

For more information regarding air balancing or comfort issues please contact your Kiesland representative.

More information is available at

SmartView Energy Modeling Software

Think Differently About the Cost of Your Building

Buildings aren’t just structures – they’re business decisions.  In business, the demand for faster and larger returns is ever accelerating. The pressure to build sustainable, efficient buildings is increasing.  An experienced Butler Builder® such as Kiesland Development Services can help you understand and prepare for all of the variables that impact your total cost of ownership.

We are pleased to offer an enhanced  in-house capability at Kiesland to facilitate decision making to build a more efficient, cost effective building.

When it’s time to build, many decisions are based solely on the construction budget.  We’re finding that building owners who make smart choices in their initial investment experience a pay-off that accrues over the life of the building.

Kiesland now offers a proprietary energy-modeling software that ensures a more realistic view of your building’s performance.  Smartview™ from Butler Manufacturing™.  This allows us to consider initial cost, operating costs and replacement costs in ways of optimizing your buildings design from the get go so that long term benefits are considered up front.

More information is available at

PACE Clean Energy Financing Tool- Now Available in Ohio and Kentucky

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is an innovative economic development tool designed to allow commercial and industrial building owners to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements through a voluntary special assessment attached to the property.  The Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance  in collaboration with the Port Authority of Greater Cincinnati brought this program to SW Ohio in 2013.  Kentucky lawmakers voted to adopt legislation last year.

PACE financing is a potential WIN-WIN for building owners and tenants!  Improvements can be implemented via long term fixed rates with little or no up- front capital required which preserves owner capital for other investments.  Returns on investment provide an immediate return on investment through savings.  Valuation and of the real estate is increased without impacting balance sheet.   Annual costs can be passed along to tenants under some lease types.  Tenants benefit through lower building utility and operating costs and improved work environment.

PACE funds can be applied to any number of building improvements, such as

  • HVAC and control systems
  • Lighting retrofit
  • Daylighting
  • Solar
  • Building envelope – insulation, roofing, doors/windows
  • Elevator upgrades

Kiesland is an approved GC-PACE partner providing Design/build and general contracting services.  Kiesland is uniquely qualified to assess building needs, identify real opportunities and implement improvements through our BuildSmarterPlus group, for more information, see   Or call Andy Mauk a call at 513 554-1200 ext 3022 (

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