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Linda Felsheim joins the Kiesland Team

Joining Kiesland as Business Office Manager, Linda Felsheim’s responsibilities include office organization and company growth support. With a professional background of nineteen years in office management, Linda brings financial/operational skills, human resources administration and marketing support to KDS. Most recently she worked in the manufacturing industry.

Linda is a fifth generation Sharonville resident. She and her husband, Gilbert, love to travel and spend time with family and friends. They live in a century old (“money pit”) home near the downtown area.

Why Use Design Build vs Design Bid Build

First, we will outline the differences of these two methods of approaching a construction project.

Design Build

In the Design Build method of construction the owner hires a single entity, the Design Builder. The Design Builder will use in house or sub contract with other outside professionals for the design and engineering of the project. This can include such services as surveyor, architect, civil and structural engineers and interior designers. Design Build is a highly collaborative process with the owner having a single source of contact that performs the collaboration between service providers, while providing real time input on costs and scheduling.

Design Bid Build

For many years Design Bid Build was the traditional method of approaching a construction project. The owner would interview multiple architects, hire one that would design the entire project independently from the contractor. The owner then would put these documents out to general contractors for fixed project bids. Collaboration between service providers would come through the architect with costs and scheduling input coming later in the process after the contractor is selected.

Owners should consider the following in determining the best method of approaching a construction project:

  • Time and technical ability in-house to closely manage the process
  • Sensitivity to schedule and cost escalations
  • Comfort with bearing project risk

Owners who have little time or funding set aside to closely manage the construction process, or who don’t want to bear project risk, find the more collaborative Design Build process much more effective.

Design Build Advantages:

  • Integrated process of overlapping design and construction (faster process) under one contract. Much easier and simpler process for the owner.
  • Two prime players (owner and Design Build Company) and one point of contact.
  • Faster Delivery with no down time for bidding and site work can begin prior to final plans being completed. Building construction can also begin prior to plans being complete, this also allows owner flexibility to make changes during the process.
  • Only one entity for owner to communicate with so this eliminates owner from liability for construction and design issues.
  • This process is most cost effective with Design Builders having access to updated construction costs so value engineering can be occurring throughout the entire process.
  • Integrating services eliminates conflicts that arise in most construction projects. Having all parties on the same page allows for fast tracking and on time delivery.

A study by Penn State found that Design Build projects have the following:

  • 6% reduction in change orders
  • 33% faster for entire project
  • 6% cost savings
  • 12% faster construction

Numerous studies have been completed by the Construction Industry Institute comparing Design Build to Design Bid Build, below are some results:

  • Both owners and contractors stated the Design Build methods of approaching projects have outperformed Design Bid Build in cost, scheduling, changes and rework.
  • Overall outcome and use of the buildings was much higher
  • Higher quality finished product
  • Greatest opportunity of maintaining an on-time construction schedule














Happy Trails

Susan Bates, our long time office manager, book keeper/receptionist… is leaving Kiesland and taking our company mascot, Harley.  Susan and Doug, her fiancée are moving to Knoxville where Doug has accepted a new position.   Susan will not only be missed by us, but by our clients and sub-contractors.  They both have roots and family in Cincinnati so we look forward to them coming back often to visit.  We thank Susan for her dedication, support and friendly smile.  Best of luck to Susan and Doug with their new life in Tennessee!


Commercial Drones in Construction

Loveland/Symmes Township, Ohio.  Local 12 WKRC-TV recently visited the Grand Sands All-season Volley Ball Center, an active Kiesland building expansion site to learn more about the use of drones in construction.  Kiesland recently teamed with Measure DRONE AS A SERVICE® to provide drone services to our clients and partners.  Local franchisees Joel Lundeen and Carrie Seddon appeared on the Channel 12 segment to demonstrate and explain more about this service.

Watch the WKRC video here

MEASURE is a national drone service company that offers a suite of drone service solutions paired with the latest technology for utilizing the data.  In our industry, key applications include:

  • Pre-construction – aerial views of existing conditions
  • Project documentation – aerial progress reports
  • Volumetric solutions – provide aerial topography in ACAD friendly format
  • Inspection solutions – detect damage or defects in existing structures such as buildings, bridges and other infrastructure.

Kiesland has been using this technology on select projects to enhance customer experience, ensure quality assurance and to evaluate new sites for development.  We have been impressed with the high resolution and quick turnaround on data/images. (You can view some of the image files from this project here) We look forward to expanding our use of this service as we learn more about the technology.  More information is available at

David Weist

New Talent!

David Weist joined Kiesland recently as a Senior Project Manager.  He brings over 20 years of diverse experience in the construction industry, having been a part of construction teams working in Orlando, Jacksonville, Palm Coast, Asheville, Washington D.C., Louisville, Dayton and Cincinnati. David has experience with single family homes, multi-family communities, resorts, theme parks and commercial/industrial projects. Previous employers include Centex, Heartland Steel, ValleyCrest Companies and most recently, Hills Developers, Inc. of Cincinnati.

David is life-long rock fan and musician, playing drums with a variety of local bands for many years and has even opened for national rock acts. He is an avid home brewer with several tasty recipes and a supporter of youth rugby, soccer and basketball. David lives in Anderson Township with wife Pam and their son and daughter.

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Linda Felsheim joins the Kiesland Team

Joining Kiesland as Business Office Manager, Linda Felsheim’s responsibilities include office organization and company growth … Read More...

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