March 28, 2016
SmartView Energy Modeling Software

Think Differently About the Cost of Your Building

Buildings aren’t just structures – they’re business decisions.  In business, the demand for faster and larger returns is ever accelerating. The pressure to build sustainable, efficient […]
March 21, 2016
Go Green-Smarter

10 megatrends shaping the future of green building

We’re excited to share this very well-written article of where sustainability  trends are headed in our industry.  Our anecdotal experience “from the trenches” support that green […]
February 19, 2014
Go Green-Smarter

Taking Your Property Green. Simply.

Introducing BuildSmarter+ Services Exclusively from Kiesland “Smarter Thinking, Smarter Building™” is more than a slogan for us. It’s our culture. It influences everything we do. We’re […]
February 7, 2014
Go Green-Smarter

Thinking Smarter about “Green”

You’ve heard the terms; “LEED-Certified” –  “Carbon-Neutral Design” –  “Sustainable Design / Design for Sustainability (DfS) and Design for Environment (DfE)” to list just a few. […]